Na výuce studijního oboru Nanotechnologie se podílí Společná laboratoř optiky.

Bachelor study

The study at the Faculty of Science is structured. Every student is first accepted to a bachelor program. After graduating from bachelor program it is possible to continue one's study in subsequent master's programs. Some of the master's programs are direct continuation of related bachelor programs. It is however possible to select any master's program, in case of indirect continuation after passing an entry exam.

The Joint Laboratory of Optics co-guarantees the following bachelor study programs:

Prospective students

The study at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc, is organized as structured to several stages. The first stage is a three-year Bachelor (Bc.) degree. Some study programs are finished already at this stage (like, e.h., the program Instrument and Computer Physics), others contain both bachelor and master's degree.