Services provided by the Joint Laboratory of Optics

The Joint Laboratory of Optics offers cooperation to partners from applied sphere in the following forms:

  • performing service works and measurements,
  • contracted research and development,
  • joint projects of applied research,
  • offer of instruments and devices developed in the past.


Offer of service works and measurements

The Joint Laboratory of Optics (JLO) can offer high-rank instrument base as well as quialified personnel with broad experience in fundamental and applied research:

You can contact us for more information.


Contracted research and development

We offer develpment of measurement techniques, instruments and devices or solution of problems in the areas of optics, optoelectronics and material physics. 


Joint projects

Joint Laboratory of Optics has in the past participated in a large number of projects of applied research funded by the Technology agency of the Czech Republic (TACR), Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic (MPO), Ministry of education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (MSMT) or in the EU framework programs. If you are interested in cooperation in this area, please contact us


Instruments and devices

The Joint Laboratory of Optics has develpoped some unique devices that are still offered:

  • autonomous all-sky camera (e.g., for long-time monitoring of night sky or cloud coverage)
  • borescopes (e.g., for monitoring of combustion processes in metallurgy, heating plants, energy plants etc.)