Activities of the Joint Laboratory of Optics

The basis of the activities of the Joint Laboratory of Optics (JLO) is performing scientific research in the areas of:

  • quantum and nonlinear optics,
  • laser and optical technologies,
  • technologies and nanotechnologies of optical layers and surfaces,
  • experimental particle and astroparticle physics,
  • wave and ray optics.

The majority of the research is performed in teh framewokr of research projects. The outputs are published in the form od scientific publications or patents and other applied results.

JLO workers also guarantee and contribute to teaching in the following study programs:

  • Applied physics (bachelor, master, doctoral),
  • Nanotechnology (bachelor, master)
  • Instrument physics (bachelor),
  • Computer physics (bachelor),
  • Optics and optoelecktronics (bachelor, master, doctoral).

A number of topics for bachelor, master and doctoral theses is offered.

Besides these main activities, JLO ensures also:

  • design and construction of optical and optoelectronic devices,
  • contract research for customers from applied sphere,
  • service measurements by qualified personnl using modern instrument infrastructure,
  • publishing of the journal Jemná mechanika a optika (Fine mechanics and optics),
  • library of the SPIE Czech branch.

Comprehensive JLO history is contained in the article Multiple anniversary of the Joint Laboratory of Optics (In Czech) by dr. Malíšek.

To briefly introduce JLO, a short movie has been recorded at the opportunity of teh jubilee of the Faculty of Science.

A treatise by V. Malíšek and J. Bajer about the history of optics in Czech lands (in Czech) (1995) is also worth reading.