Master's study

The Joint Laboratory of Optics co-guarantees two master's study programs:

Master's study in the program of Applied Physics follows bachelor study programs and is suitable also for graduates of related bachelor programs studied at tehcnical universities. The study educates graduates with broad physical overview and capabilities of both individual and team work in branches of physics and technology with emphasis on applications. Students will deepen their knowledge of experimental physics including modern areas of particle physics, photonics, quantum physics or nonlinear optics. An important part of the study os the area of using physical phenomena to design and realize modern measurement devices for other branches of physics (particle physics, astronomy and astrophysics, applied optics, nuclear physics, physics of materials, nanomaterials, etc.), technical branches, or industry. By recommended choice of subjects the student can focus on experimentla particle and nuclear physics, astrophysics, problems of employing the synchrotron radiation for the study of materials, quantum and nonlinear optics, applied optics and technologies, physical measurement methods and metrology. Often students already at the master's level participate at the solution of scientific projects (inlcuding related scholarship support). the graduates find their jobs in teh industry, research and development, in basic and applied research, in testing laboratries, at product certification ar as a main metrologist of a company. The graduates can continue their scientific career by entering doctoral study.

Program Nanotechnology is created by blocks of theoretical subjects describing principles and applications of nanotechnologies in the areas of nanomaterials, nanophotonics, and bionanotechnologies, and a block of theoretical subjects focused on characterization methods of nanotechnologies. A part of the program is five-weeks long laboratory practice ensuring considerable laboratory experience of the graduates. The graduate of the program will find employment in companies and enterprises using nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. Further he can find job in research institutes, at the universities or research centres (Olomouc, Brno, Liberec, or abroad). During teh study, teh students will gain an overview and capabilities in various areas of nanotechnology research and their practical applications. The graduate knows broad range of experimental techniques and techniques for preparation and characterization of various types of nanomaterials. The graduates can also enter the doctoral study of Applied Physics.