Prospective students

The study at the Faculty of Science, Palacký University in Olomouc, is organized as structured to several stages. The first stage is a three-year Bachelor (Bc.) degree. Some study programs are finished already at this stage (like, e.h., the program Instrument and Computer Physics), others contain both bachelor and master's degree. Master's (Mgr.) study is two-year and follows bachelor stage and one can apply after graduating from any bachelor study, even such that does not contain master's stage by itself; or after graduating from a bachelor study of similar specialization at a different university. Most students finish ther studies after obtaining master's degree and search jobs application sphere but there is also a possibility to continue studies at the doctoral (Ph.D.) level. It is also possible to pass rigorous examination and obtain a "small doctoral degree" (RNDr.).

The Joint Laboratory of Optics co-guarantees study programs at all levels of study: Bc. - Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Instrument and Computer Physics; Mgr. - Applied Physics, Nanotechnology; and Ph.D. - Applied PhysicsNanotechnology. In the program Applied Physics also the associate professor (doc.) and full professor (prof.) procedures are accredited. Only both doctoral Applied Physics and Nanotechnology are offered also as study programs in English. 

The Joint Laboratory of Optics offers to students deep involvement in the scientific projects of the workplace that focus on areas of classical, quantum, and nonlinear optics, optical and laser technologies, physics of surfaces and layers, nanotechnologies and experimental particle physics. This involvement is possible not only in the form of bachelor, master's and doctoral theses but also by direct incorporation into research teams. Students have an excellent opportunity to start their scientific career already during their studies including solid salaries and realizing stays at attractive locations (Italy, Spain, Canary Islands, U.S.A., Argentina, Chile).

The Joint Laboratory of Optics is a common worklapce of Palacký University and the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and it can offer the best of both worlds including high-rank instrument basis. If you are interested in joining our scientific team, contact theses supervisors or the Head of the Laboratory.

You can find further information at the web of the Faculty of Science.