Letní škola optiky

Laboratorní aktivity srpnového týdne

Témata laboratorních aktivit na týden od 24.8. do 28.8. 2020:

  1. Interferometry
    1. White-light interferometry (Pavel Pavlíček)
      Interferometry as a tool for the measurement of the shape of objects.
    2. Speckle metrology (Petr Šmíd + Pavel Horváth)
      Optimization of an illuminating lens in a sensor for object's translation measurement based on the speckle correlation method.
    3. Young’s double slit experiment (Ivana Hamarová)
      Building Young's double slit experiment. Interference patterns for various slit separation will be analyzed.
  2. Non-linear and quantum optics
    1. Two-photon interference and polarization measurement (Antonín Černoch + Jan Soubusta)
      Polarization of two-photon quantum state and Hong-Ou-Mandel dip will be measured.
    2. Laser pumped second-harmonic generation (Radek Machulka)
      Generation of light of different colours utilizing nonlinear processes in nonlinear crystals.
  3. Properties of light
    1. Measuring colours (Karel Lemr)
      Color measurement and characterization of various digital devices (LCD, CRT, data projector, colour printer).
    2. Photoluminiscence spectroscopy (Václav Michálek)
      Measurement of luminiscence spectra of various samples both common (liquid drinks) and artificial (detection cards and quantum dots).
  4. Lasers
    1. Laser cutting (Hana Chmelíčková)
      Students can design and cut their own smiley pictures from a metal plate.
  5. Optical instruments
    1. Testing mirrors of telescopes (Miroslav Pech + Dušan Mandát)
      Three parameters of a telescopes mirror will be tested: spectral reflectance, microroughness and the shape.
    2. Dimensional analysis using microscopic techniques (Jan Tomáštík)
      Practical measurements of microindentation imprints using optical microscopy.


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