Development of time-of-flight detector of high energy particles


In conjunction with the AFP (Atlas Forward Proton) project, the Olomouc's particle physics group is developing a detector a very precise timing detector resolution, with a resolution goal of 10 ps or better.
The development of the detector is not only linked to its use for the ATLAS experiment. The PhD student will become a member of the team, and his task will be especially oriented to the design of an algorithm simulating the response of the photomultiplier (MCP PMT) and the subsequent electronics (CFD, HPTDC, ...), involving the cross-talk and follow-up simulation of the real system, both on a laser device and by a radiation affected HEP experiment - test beam in CERN or directly an experiment running on the LHC.

prof. RNDr. Miroslav Hrabovský, DrSc.

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